NFC for Hue Video Reviews & tips and tricks you should know

Philips Hue NFC app for Android

A short demonstration of one of our new apps, called hue NFC. With the help of NFC tags you can change the state of your bulbs or you can also assign the NFC ...

NFC for Hue - APK Review

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Best Hue apps for Android

We break down a coupe of popular apps for Android, and what they are capable of.

Philips HUE Android Notications

Combination of Tasker and a PHP gateway to show notifications on my Philips HUE setup. Gmail: blinks red Whatsapp: blinks green Facebook: blinks blue SMS: ...

Sunn Android App for Philips Hue

Sunn syncs your smart lights with the sun outside. The Sunn app controls Philips Hue smart lights. Get it on Google Play

How to setup NFC Ring unlock app

This video shows you how to setup the NFC ring undlock app. This apps provides a custom lockscreen for android which can be unlocked via the NFC ring.

Philips Hue 2 0 app Android

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Hue lights with NFC.

Hue Lights with NFC.

Philips Hue: iConnectHue 2.6 is an app that brings family geofencing to your Hue lights & much more!

The app iConnectHue 2.6 for the iPhone brings great new features to your Philips Hue system - family geofencing (first one turns on, last one turns off), family ...

Using The NFC Ring with The Android App

How to use the NFC Ring Application to write Actions to your NFC Ring. Actions can be to open a web page, a facebook or twitter page or even a youtube video ...

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