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NFC for Hue

1.59 usd

Changing the state of your light bulbs could be cumbersome (unlock the phone, open app, find light settings - turn on/off)Please note that the app has been tested with the original Hue light bulbs - due to current lack of support from the manufacturer we are not able to obtain Lux, Lightstriprs or other Friends of Hue products.We will update this if we can test on these bulbs. Please take this into consideration when buying and reviewing the app. Thank you!

What if you can use the NFC chip available on your device to predefine specific NFC tags and use your phone as an on/off switch with the added option to automatically change the color and brightness of your Philips™ Hue bulbs or group of bulbs by waving your phone over a NFC tag?
You have found the right app to do exactly that, here are the features:1. Choose NFC tags to change the light state of your Hue bulb2. Setup groups of Philips™ Hue bulbs and predefine NFC tags to toggle specific groups for faster setup (NFC tag for Party, Relax, Reading etc.)3. Notifications: Change bulb state on status bar notifications - missed calls, missed SMS, missed facebook/whatsapp/skype messages or any other app installed on the device. You can predefine which app do you want to trigger the notifications for.
Permissions:1. Internet - to connect to the bridge and bulbs2. NFC and External Storage - for the NFC tag/operations3. Accessibility - turned off by default, needed for the status bar notifications on devices with Android prior to 4.3 JB
The app is not a product of Philips™ and we are not affiliated with Philips™. Usage of trademarks in accordance with the company and their respective terms has been granted by Mark Mesman